Workshop Komppis – Social Rehabilitation for Adults

Finding Your Own Way


At Workshop Komppis you can practice your social skills and how to manage your everyday life in group and individual coaching. We also offer different activities to support and strengthen your wellbeing. Every working aged (ages 18–65) person living in Vaasa who has faced challenges with their mental health are welcome to Komppis. In Komppis your rehabilitation is supported by concrete work assignments, creative activities and Green Care ‑methods. In addition we organize lectures given by experts and experts by experience. The Workshop operates in two locations: music workshop in Kasarmialue and other workshop activities in Kirkkopuistikko.


Taking part in our activities does not cost any money. Instead of money you gain social capital, direction in your life and new skills. Komppis is a safe community where you can train togetherness and how to manage independently in everyday life at your own pace. The social rehabilitation at Komppis means learning and strengthening your interpersonal skills, taking responsibility and gaining confidence through togetherness and different activities. The goal is to help you move forward to studies or working life.

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Komppis offers you:


  • flexibility
  • different workshops to join based on your own interests
  • an opportunity to find hopes and dreams


If you would like to take part in Komppis’ activities, please contact the social services office in Vaasa.


Responsible instructor/advisor

Anna-Lena Starck


+358 50 514 3246


Anne Ellilä

+358 50 414 2249


Marko Perälä

+358 50 521 9661


Emmi Karjanmaa

+358 44 747 5202


Service Manager (social rehabilitation)

Frida Nylund

+358 50 364 4640

Workshop Komppis

Kirkkopuistikko 19–21

65100 VAASA, Finland


Music workshop

Kasarmi 14


65100 VAASA, Finland