Tiimitupa – Daytime Activities for Mental Health Rehabilitees

Happy Encounters in Good Company


Tiimitupa (Team cottage) offers you meaningful things to do during the days, someone to talk to and new relationships. In Tiimitupa you have the opportunity to cook, exercise in good company, go on trips and have conversations with instructors/advisors and other visitors. Here you can get creative and do things that you find interesting – for example arts and crafts, music and quizzes.


If you feel more at ease in smaller groups than in big communities, Tiimitupa is the place for you. Tiimitupa is a small and compact community where you are most welcome just as you are.


If you are interested in Tiimitupa, please feel free to contact the instructors/advisors.

Tiimitupa has a cozy and warm atmosphere


  • activities in small groups of 10–12 people
  • encourages further participation
  • supports building new friendships


Opening hours:

Monday to Wednesday 8–15

Thursday and Friday 8–14


Responsible instructor/advisor

Annukka Rådman


+358 50 338 0484



Virpi Palomäki

+358 50 441 3871



Service Manager (social rehabilitation)

Frida Nylund

+358 50 364 4640



Varastokatu 12 C

65100 Vaasa, Finland