Mahis – The house of opportunities for mental well-being


At the affiliate (member accociation) Mahis, the House of opportunities (earlier the Rainbow house) you will get access to activities that will strengthen your mental well-being and that will support you with friendships and group activities. You can take part in group activities or in other arranged activities or just drop in for a cup of coffee and read todays newspaper.

Taking part in the activities are free of charge and you do not need a refferal.



With us you can eat favorably: breakfast (1€) is served at 8-10 and lunch at 11.15. For lunch you may sign up to until 10 (price is 3€ for unemployed and 5€ for workers) The members of Mahis will recieve Mahis newsletter, were you can read about the activities of the house. The members opinions are a prioritized when excursions and trips are made.

To Mahis Hippu flea market you have the opportunity to donate clothes and applicances that are in good condition and make cheap purchases. Hippu- flea market is open monday-friday 9-14.


social interaction

The operation is financed by the city of Vaasa and by STEA.


Opening hours: Mahis is open working days according to the following: Mon, Tue and Thu at 8 -14.



Heidi Kauranen

Sari Pitkäranta

Terhi Rajaniemi

Hanna Jakobsson


Kitchen supervisor: Kari Kinnunen


Koulukatu 51 B

65100 VAASA

046 922 4084/ supervisor in charge
050 409 1515/ supervisors
050 441 8380/ cash registers and food registration