Kalliokoti – Service Housing for Those Recovering from Mental Health Problems

From Living Together to Living on Your Own


Our goal at Kalliokoti is to find different ways to increase your capability to cope in different areas of life. In our safe community you can learn and strengthen your everyday life skills and find your resources – and get one step closer to managing independently in everyday life. To support your daily life you have meaningful day activities and help at finding a social network. Based on your own wishes and an evaluation done together with the personnel you can choose whether you want to live in your own apartment or in a small community of 2–3 people. The apartments are located near the city center so you will have everything you need within walking distance.

Kalliokoti offers you:


  • a personal rehabilitation plan
  • resource orientation
  • a place to build social networks


You can become a customer at Kalliokoti through Vaasa city’s adult social work.


There are a responsible instructor/advisor with supervisory duties and 3 instructors/advisors working in Kalliokoti. They are available Monday to Friday 8–16.


Responsible instructor/advisor with supervisory duties

Tiina Perälä


+358 50 356 2937


Tuija Korkia-Aho

+358 50 441 1991


Satu-Maria Autio

+358 50 595 5845


Teemu Partanen

+358 50 428 0781


Mäkikaivontie 5–7 E 47

65100 Vaasa, Finland


Phone: +358 6 316 9915